Herbal Ointment Making Day

Come and learn how to make your own herbal ointments for everyday first aid & take home an ointment and handouts to do at home.

Together as a group we will spend the afternoon doing Herbal Medicine making.

We will make an infused oil, do a blind tea tasting to connect with the plants, and then make the oil into an ointment, jar it and label it to take home.

We will spend time discussing herbal actions and their physiological effects on the body and sharing our experiences with plants.

Along with a our little pot of ointment there will be handouts, and recipes, to take home so you can do your own thing in your kitchen.

I will choose the herb we will use closer to the day depending on whats out and about wants to join us.

Please Note: This is not Vegan as we will be using beeswax.

Please book your place here

We ask for you to pay according to what you can afford. This approaches the disparity of wealth we experience in this country and enables us to be accessible to people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. A bit like a suspended coffee.

£10 – low waged/ £20 – mid waged/ £30 High waged

If £10 is too much please give us a shout.

If you need any further information please contact

Zoe : 07864755866

Email: Nettlesandhealth@gmail.com


Iron tonic

Keeping toasty by the burner while making deep earthy medicines.

On the burner is a pan with chopped comfrey leaf, chopped horsetail and a generous handful of dried nettle. Reducing slowly by the wood that knew the same earth.

It will make an iron tonic for convalescence (recovering from illness) and anemia.

Comfrey leaf

Of all the things comfrey can do it can certainly keep you busy. 

Not only is it a great source of pollen for the bees, it makes a top fertilizer for the garden feeding and nourishing the soil, and it sets bones, and heals (almost overnight) bone and muscle damage.

The leaves are currently on the drying rack to be dried, and powered to create a paste for injured parties out of play. The young flowers and leaves have been tinctures in 25% alcohol.  You could just use vodka. Chop the young leaves and flowers up into a jar and add vodka.

Dose: Take 5ml 1 x day.  Drink the tea 1 x day.

It will heal inflammation in the gut as well as giving all old creaks and aches a good seeing to.


Hawthorne flower tincture.

Picking hawthorne flowers, being showered in the petals, the sickly sweetness, as the flowers and leaves pluck off if feels like a wedding in an old cemetery.   Its brought to my attention that love always moves it can be as much a part of death as it is life and like life it sometimes dies.  sometimes in great loss of loved ones, break ups, or death. Sometimes in renewing and re negotiating our relationships with our communities every day. As quickly as the hawthorne flowers came, they will leave, sometimes hastened by a heavy storm or prolonged rain.

They heal grief, pain,  and hurt. they hold space to feel loss, sadness, and bereavement. They give the heart permission to cry and as such can often release repressed sadness and grief. Sometimes life doesn’t quite allow us the space and time required to mourn a loss or feel or the feelings involved in a broken heart.

I tincture the flowers with 25% alcohol.  you could use vodka instead. simply fill a jar with hawthorne flowers and cover with vodka.  Shake every day for 2 weeks.

Dose: Take 5ml 2 x day or as required.