Joint and Muscle Rub


Hot joint and muscle rub for sore, strained or arthritic joints and stiff backs aching and tension.  Rub liberally and often onto affected area.



A new improved recipe with more handmade wild harvested infused oils.  This rub is a blend of horsetail, comfrey leaf, meadowsweet and the usual hot oil containing cinnamon, black pepper and chilli.


Comfrey has been traditionally used for bone and muscle damage, originally known as knitbone.  Horesetail contains loads of minerals the joints require to re-build themselves.  Meadowsweet is pain relieving and anti inflammatory.  The hot oil opens and warms the area getting blood and bodies natural healing response going.


Use for stiff, dodgy and arthritic joints. Strains and sprains, damages bone, frozen and sore shoulders and necks.  Also can be used for massage and getting to stubborn knots and tension relief.

Rub into affected area, leave for a few minutes to warm and massage in.

Use daily for 3 weeks for desired results.


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