Heart Heal Tea


50g will make about 20 – 25 cups of tea dependent on strength.

Take 3 cups a day.


Calendula petals, lemon balm, licorice root, lime flowers, rose petals.

All the herbs in this tea are known as heart cordials, meaning they soothe, nourish and support the heart. They will create a safe space for the grief, sadness and sorrow loss brings. Whether this is an immediate bereavement or loss, or repressed feelings from another time that have been stored in the heart. Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to feel sorrow and grief as its never quite safe to be vulnerable in this manner.

This tea will heal your broken heart and make it safe again in doses that wont overwhelm you.

C/I: Don’t take Licorice long term with high blood pressure. Get in touch if you would like this tea without licorice.


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