Detoxy Tea


Each pack is 50g and makes between 20 – 25 mugs dependent on strength

Take 3 cups a day.  Use daily for 3 weeks for desired results.


Detoxy Blend

Yarrow, red clover, nettle, calendula petals, rose petals, dandelion leaf.

Detoxy tea is ultimately a detox tea specific for the skin. It works on cleansing the blood, and ridding the body of accumulated toxins. It also works to protect and strengthen our energy fields (also known as the aura) to prevent unwanted influences and people feeding on your energies. Our skin is our barrier to the outside world, and where our insides begin. It is important we have clear boundaries, detoxy tea helps strengthen these boundaries and works towards luscious skin, a healthy and protected energy field and feeling cleansed on the inside by eliminating toxins and replacing them with nourishment.  It works on cleansing the blood and kidneys. 


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