I offer a sliding scale.  A sliding scale allows people of different economic backgrounds to access herbal medicine and acknowledges the wealth inequality that creates so much unnecessary struggle .  Nettles believes herbal medicine should be accessible to everyone.

Herbal medicine is unfortunately private healthcare and Herbalists receive no public funding.  By paying what you can afford as according to your lifestyle and resources you can access medicine as and when you need it as well as  supporting those who otherwise may not afford it  increasing accessibility to herbs for people despite their financial circumstances.

If your circumstances change through treatment please discuss it. When working out your price please consider the following on the green bottle scale.

HM Consultation   – 3/2/ 1 – £10/£30/£50

Full Body Massage 3/2/1 – £10/£30/£40

Indian Head Massage – 3/2/1 – £10/£35/£40

* If the lowest price is still too difficult just let us know.

Herbs are additional and not subject to concession. 

100ml tincture – £7/£8/£9 (£21/24/27 per  month (300ml))

50g Herbal Tea  – £5/6/7  (1 month)