Latin: Valeriana officinalis

Valerian is a relaxant. Perhaps one of the strongest from our herbal medicine chest. 2.5 – 5ml of Valerian tincture will immediately remove tension. It so powerful in this manner it even lets you watch the tension leave as you observe like a separate entity of self. It will show you where you hold you tension if you do not know, and swigs of valerian will often follow with cries of relief.

It should be took in times of high stress and tension to relieve the accumulating effects of prolonged stress on the body. It should be used in crisis, to centre the self and make grounded decisions. It almost trips us back down to reality when we become caught up in drama, our own, or others heightened emotional states. You could compare a good dose of valerian to that of a good shag.

It would help sleep where there is insomnia or trouble sleeping. It will aid restful and restorative sleep. It will calm the mind and then the world.

It was used in Barton Moss’s famous anti-fracking warrior drops, it watered the front-line with so much love the police came to hate the smell. Those who do not know valerian as an ally may well find the pungent smell distasteful. Pick the root in autumn and tincture it.

Any sceptic of Herbal Medicine should be given a high dose of valerian and then asked if they think herbs don’t work. It should be used as short term symptomatic relief with other herbs such as adaptogens and nervines to increase the bodies resistance to stress. As it is slightly addictive. It contains similar constituents as catnip and cats will often seek it out once the smell drifts passed their noses.

If sometimes the head forgets where the feet stands. Valerian is the friend you need to rekindle that connection.


Take half a teaspoon of tincture when required.