Ginger root

Latin: Zingiber officinalis

Ginger is diffusively warming, a peripheral circulatory stimulant, meaning it gets blood out to the hands and feet (the peripheries). It may be useful in cramps, stagnant circulation and chilblains. It is a muscle relaxant and anti-spasmodic. It is also anti inflammatory.

Only a small amount is required as it is powerful and rich. A small amount will open up the body. It is specific for aiding digestion nausea and flatulence. It helps with travel sickness and pregnant women often eat ginger biscuits for morning sickness.

It is antiseptic and its heat can loosen phlegm and expel catarrh. It is anti inflammatory to the digestive system. It seems to do everything yet is so specific.

It is both hot & gentle. Do not under estimate it.