Lemon balm

Latin: Melissa Officinalis

Where do I start with Lemon Balm… with a big deep breathe of love. Lemon balm like hawthorne is super gentle and supportive. Endless pots of fresh lemon balm tea saw me through my degree, shit loads of grief, my finals, a full time job all while I was earning to drive and I was able to still smile. When I look back at how I coped through that time, I am not sure how, but I always see that sturdy pot of lemon balm tea by my computer and I feel warm inside.

Firstly, it grows like mint, wild and abundantly, plant it freely. Most herbs are suitable to be took fresh or dried, save some, and lemon balm is one of them, it is so much better fresh. Just having a pot by your door and rubbing your fingers through it on the way out and in, will lift the spirits and bring on a smile.

It is anti depressant and will help soothe a run down nervous system. It is specific for IBS, and those whose fear and anxiety is stored in the stomach causing digestive problems. It will give strength in fatigue and is grounding and soothing in times of stress. It will bring light in dark times and a sense of safety to go on.

It will help with palpitations, anxiety, neuralgia, insomnia, and tension headaches. It is specific for high thyroid.

Dose: Tincture 5ml 3 x day, Tea 3 x day or as required.