Latin: Crataegus Laevigata

Parts used: Berries, flowers and leaf.

Hawthorne is like that really gentle friend that is always super calm, and accepting, never questions your actions, and loves you exactly how you are. They are always their whether you see them or not and are always sending you love.

Hawthorne is a calming nervine tonic and works with the heart. It tones and strengthens the heart beat (meaning the heart is able to pump more blood around the body for less work) and lowers blood pressure. It is super safe and can be took alongside any drugs. It is specific for any heart disease, angina and palpitations. It is calming and gentle yet extremely powerful and healing to all matters of the heart.

Emotionally it will help heartbreak, and grief and loss and pain where they are stored in the heart. I remember a camping trip with my friends not long after my dad died. They all headed down the country road the local pub at the end of the day and as I was called by the Hawthorne I said I would catch them up. I sat on the wall of a bridge above a trickling stream, picking the berries one by one into my basket. I remember clearly feeling peace, and appreciation for nature and how beautiful it all was, I kept picking and suddenly there were tears streaming down my face and I was all consumed by grief. I cried and cried on the bridge before heading over to the pub all bleary eyed. For the first time I felt I could really voice my grief and feelings of loss to my friends. I remember me and Hawthorne that night, it was special. Hawthorne makes a great friend, and like a good friend will support you in dealing with the hard bits of life when its hard to look at or accept.

Dose: Tincture: As a maintenance dose take 2.5ml 3 x day, in acute conditions, take 5ml 3 x day.