Herbal Ointment Making Day

Come and learn how to make your own herbal ointments for everyday first aid & take home an ointment and handouts to do at home.

Together as a group we will spend the afternoon doing Herbal Medicine making.

We will make an infused oil, do a blind tea tasting to connect with the plants, and then make the oil into an ointment, jar it and label it to take home.

We will spend time discussing herbal actions and their physiological effects on the body and sharing our experiences with plants.

Along with a our little pot of ointment there will be handouts, and recipes, to take home so you can do your own thing in your kitchen.

I will choose the herb we will use closer to the day depending on whats out and about wants to join us.

Please Note: This is not Vegan as we will be using beeswax.

Please book your place here

We ask for you to pay according to what you can afford. This approaches the disparity of wealth we experience in this country and enables us to be accessible to people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. A bit like a suspended coffee.

£10 – low waged/ £20 – mid waged/ £30 High waged

If £10 is too much please give us a shout.

If you need any further information please contact

Zoe : 07864755866

Email: Nettlesandhealth@gmail.com


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