Herbal Tea Tasting, The Nia Ctr, Hulme, 27th April 3pm

This is a blind herbal tea tasting workshop. We will spend some time checking in with our bodies, before drinking a herbal tea without knowing what herb it is. This eliminates any projections or preconceptions of the plant. It allows us to begin a relationship with the plant and get to know it through our bodies. We will spend time feeling where it acts on our bodies and then sharing and discussing the experience. It allows us to not only get to know the herb but to understand how herbs can act differently with different individuals. We will then learn what herb it is and compare our experiences to the written theory of that plants medicinal uses. If you want to learn more about herbal medicines this is a great way to begin your journey and an exercise you can take away and practice at home.

There is no price but please feel free to offer a donation you can afford.

3pm at Chichester Road, M15 5EU Manchester.

See you then.

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