Cold & Flu Tea



The seasons change, the sky begins to weep and our bodies require warmth and nourishing stews, cosy nights by the fire and re connecting with friends we may have been too busy to see in Summer. And then we get walloped with a cold, or a cough, or a chest infection as our bodies adjust to both the change of weather and slowing down to the darker side of the year.



Nettles cold and flu tea will keep coughs and colds at bay or speed up the recovery process of one. It contains catnip, a diaphoretic which means it increases the bodies temperature making a hostile environment unwanted microbes. Elder flowers suitable for all affinities of the head and chest, is anti catarrh, and opens up and soothes the sinus membranes and can reduce sneezing and a runny nose. Hyssop, specific for coughs and shifting congestion from the lungs will aid the lungs in removing phlegm. Yarrow to bring it all together and nourish the vital spirit stimulate the blood around the body and help with a fever.

Drink freely throughout the day at the onset of an infection or 3 x a day over a period of several weeks as a preventative and to reduce coughs, colds and the flu. Drink hot with or without food, and if you wish add a
little fresh ginger for extra warmth.


Of Elder
“If the medicinal properties of its leaves, bark, berries and flowers were fully known I cannot tell what our countryman
could ail for which he might not fetch a remedy from every hedge, either for sickness or wounds. The bud boiled in water
gruel have effected wonders in a fever, the spring buds are excellently wholesome in pattages: and small ale in which Elder Flowers have been in infused is esteemed by many…..” John Evelyn, 1664

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