Daisy oil for play

I have spent the last few days making daisy oil.  A beautiful introduction to summer and making time for play.  We play, run around, jump about, scream and shout, fall on our knees, scratch our elbows and bruise our selves. All as a consequence of fun.  daisy laughs with you and kisses your knee better even if you shed some tears. 

Harvest daisy’s’ in the sun when they are happiest. When harvesting ensure you do sustainably, only ever taking no more then a third as if no one would no you have been.

Collect a good handful or two, create a makeshift bain marie, cover the daisy’s in a bowl with olive oil. Allow to simmer for several hours.

Strain and store in a clean sterilized jar. Add to ointments or creams or use directly. Daisy is our native Arnica.

It is useful externally for bruises, dermatitis, skin irritations and It is slightly astringent and anti inflammatory. It can be took as a gargle (a pinch of heads and leaves in hot water left to cool) for mouth inflammations, sort throats and ulc

ers. It can be drank as a tea for acne, and to stimulate the appetite.

Daisy’s will soothe your wounds through both the laughter and the tears.

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