I offer herbal medicine consultations. This involves taking a very thorough case history of your current complaint , past medical history, and whats happening in the whole of your body, including your diet and lifestyle.  Together we work out a treatment plan, any appropriate changes and work together to get you to exactly where you want to be with the help of herbs, diet, and support.  Herbal treatment generally lasts from between 3 months – 6 months depending how longstanding your condition is.  You will be prescribed a monthly tincture, and any teas or external preparations that are needed to treat your ailments.







I offer a range of herbal teas, and herbal remedies, tinctures, creams, and oils.

Herbal Medicine is a traditional form of medicine that has been used for thousands of years. Herbs are natural healers, and work with the bodies natural physiological responses to bring the body back into balance along with lifestyle and dietary changes.

Herbs can treat & support a range of conditions such as;

Digestive problems: IBS, dyspepsia, ulcers, constipation, Diarrhoea

Skin problems: Acne, Eczema, Fungal infections.

Emotional Health; Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression.

Heart & Circulatory conditions: Heart disease, High blood pressure, Varicose veins.

Reproductive Health: Period pains, Dysmenorrhoea, Menopausal symptoms, PMS. 

Endocrine imbalances; Diabetes Type 2, Thyroid conditions.

Prostate problems, urinary conditions

Urinary Health: Recurrent infections

Musco-skeletal disorders; OA, RA, sports injuries, bursitis, Gout.

Respiratory conditions: Bronchitis, Colds, Athsma, Hay fever, Sinusitis.

Chronic Illness; Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Fribromyalgia

Acute Conditions: Headaches, Flu etc.

This list is not exhaustive. Please get in touch to see if Herbal Medicine can help you. Herbal Medicine is a form of holistic health care that takes into account how the whole body is working and aims to treat the root cause of the disease alongside the symptoms. It can work alongside Orthodox drugs and Herbalists are trained in Herb – Drug interactions. After a full consultation assessing your presenting complaints, your body systems, lifestyle and diet. A health plan is made and an individual herbal remedy tailored to your health needs and constitution is prescribed.

I offer a range of herbal teas, and herbal remedies, tinctures, creams, and oils which can be found here in the shop


A relaxing and healing full body massage. It lasts an hour, relieves tension, knots and aches & pains. It also shifts stuck energies/ repressed emotions and leaves the body calm, relaxed and refreshed.


A sit down fully clothed massaged. this massage works specifically on your head, neck, and upper back and arms.  It releases the pressure points, clears the chakras. It is energising and stress relieving.



Private: About Me

I have a BSc (hons) in Herbal Medicine and qualified 9 years ago. I have been practicing since, first in Abbotts of Leigh herbal medicine clinic for several years, and then I was part of an anti fracking herbal clinic on the anti fracking front line where we offered free herbal medicine to those against fracking.

I am involved with the Radical Herbalism collective where we organise annual gatherings of workshops and talks to create dialogue around how our health is connected to the oppression’s we face in a capitalist society.

I am passionate about land justice and finding just ways to re-connect to the land in all aspects.

I love making my medicines with the plants I harvest wild.


I am available at

Whitworth Apothecary, 296a market st, Whitworth, Rochdale, 0L12 8QJ


The Niamos Radical Arts Ctr, Chirchester rd, M15 5EU

Get in touch to book an appointment for a massage or  herbal medicine consultation or if you would like a herbal tea or first aid advice.


Phone: 07864755866

Email: nettlesandhealth@gmail.com

Facebook here


I offer a sliding scale.  A sliding scale allows people of different economic backgrounds to access herbal medicine and acknowledges the wealth inequality that creates so much unnecessary struggle .  Nettles believes herbal medicine should be accessible to everyone.

Herbal medicine is unfortunately private healthcare and Herbalists receive no public funding.  By paying what you can afford as according to your lifestyle and resources you can access medicine as and when you need it as well as  supporting those who otherwise may not afford it  increasing accessibility to herbs for people despite their financial circumstances.

If your circumstances change through treatment please discuss it. When working out your price please consider the following on the green bottle scale.

HM Consultation   – 3/2/ 1 – £10/£30/£50

Full Body Massage 3/2/1 – £10/£30/£40

Indian Head Massage – 3/2/1 – £10/£35/£40

* If the lowest price is still too difficult just let us know.

Herbs are additional and not subject to concession. 

100ml tincture – £7/£8/£9 (£21/24/27 per  month (300ml))

50g Herbal Tea  – £5/6/7  (1 month)